Cuadro de texto: St. John Hymn "Ut queant laxis" [ca. 800 A.D.]                                                                                                                         
1.                      Ut queant laxis                      That [ut] your servants
2.                      Resonare fibris                      May freely sing [resonare]
3.                      Mira gestorum                       The miracles
4.                      Famuli tuorum                       Of your deeds
5.                      Solve poluti                            Remove [solve] all stains [of sin]
6.                      Labii reatum,                         From their unclean lips [Labii],
                     Sancte Ioannes!                Saint John!

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January-February  2014


Cuadro de texto: ORGANBACHandJAZZ

Jacques Loussier (born Angers, France, EU, Oct 26, 1934) started playing piano at the age of ten; when Loussier was just sixteen, he entered the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique in Paris where he studied with Professor Yves Nat. From the outset, creating the beginnings of the Loussier sound, he played piano in restaurants and dance halls as an accompanist to chanson singers such as Charles Aznavour and Catherine Sauvage.
In 1959 Loussier formed the Play Bach Trio (Loussier arranger, piano and organ, Pierre Michelot bass, and Christian Garros percussion) which used Bachs compositions as the basis for jazz  improvisation, recording for Decca between 1960 and 1963: the trio achieved sound special effects  with Loussier double tracking some pieces on electronic organ  and piano and, later, recording some of Loussier arrangements of Bachs concerti with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The trio toured extensively, eventually selling over six million LPs in fifteen years, and then disbanded.
Loussier is a licensed pilot who used to fly his own light plane and have many contributions as composer, miscellaneous crew and self composer in filmography from the 1960s.
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 Movies: David Arnold
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Cuadro de texto: Más novedades en "SAY IT NOW british institute"                                               
Los contenidos que nos brinda la nueva página anuncian las novedades que se van produciendo. Quedan todos invitados a visitarla. SAY IT NOW british institute anticipa el lanzamiento de una serie de VIDEOS en los que se orientará a sus alumnos acerca de la producción de los sonidos vocales, semivocales y consonantes de la lengua inglesa. Para ampliar los contenidos visite,   VISIT: file:///C:/Users/Carlos/Desktop/bicentenario%20imag/music.htm