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que se edita  con la intención de cola-borar con nuestros amigos y vecinos de GUADARRAMA para adentrarse en el inglés


El material se pre-sentará en lugares estratégicos de nuestra comunidad para consulta de aquellos que mues-tren interés por practicar la lengua.


EL CAFÉ CLAQUÉ, en Guadarrama ha sido seleccionado para que se abra un espacio con el nombre de "RINCON DE IN-GLÉS", donde en-contrarás material que se renovará periódicamente para que puedas leer y hasta comentar  en INGLÉS con otros interesados que  se acerquen al "RINCÓN"











1."Business  English"  

2. "Graph"

a. Sherlock   Holmes

b.OrganBACHand JAZZ






Good News! (II)

Carlos A. Trevisi,  Editor-in-Chief



In a dying civilization, we have three choices. Many of us will accept common rapacity:  the “culture of more” expressed in monster houses and SUV * battle wagons.

Others may retreat into physical isolation or quietist obsessions with art, literature or popular culture.

The third option is to contest the culture of more.

Although such a route is perhaps a losing proposition, it remains necessary;  and going against the grain can provide an interesting, if not always comfortable, way of life. J. Douglas Porteous


Society is held together, or  integrated, by the common values and beliefs of its members.  When   these values and notions of accepted behavior no longer constrain, all that is left are the egocentric cost-benefit calculations of atomized individuals.14  Such a disintegrated society, predicts Johan Galtung, will be characterized by the failure of social institutions,  corruption, violence, and other social pathologies. (Locke, Smith, and the Decline of Civil Society)


*SUV:sport utility vehicle.




Para aprender inglés...


Para aprender inglés tienes  que  someterte a una alta frecuencia de impacto de la lengua inglesa (videos, canciones… );

escuchar mucho para distinguir sonidos; repetir; leer. Necesitas un “profe” que “suene” bien, que te ayude a “ubicar” sonidos para que aprendas que las palabras son impostoras y, por sobre todas las cosas, tener el gusto de hacerlo



Libro: ¿Hablar inglés? por Carlos A. Trevisi. Editorial LIBRORUM. Libro y CD en cross-reference

 Nuestro libro ofrece el guión completo de un video de Hitchcock de la serie "Hitchcock Presents" que tuvo un rutilante éxito en la televisión. El material está cruzado con un CD en el que encontrarán  ayudas  que autorizan un aprendizaje efectivo. El libro y el Cd que acompaña se utilizó en  en los cursos de inglés para adolescentes y mayores que organizaba SAY IT NOW British Institute para el  Ayto. de Guadarrama.


Una película: “Bad day at Black Rock” (American English)


Un forastero se hace presente en la comisaría de un pueblo del oeste norteamericano y encuentra al comi-sario echado en el camastro de una de las celdas.


- Hold it, friend ! hold it. I'll get hanged if I get locked in my own jail!

- Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were a guest.

- Oh, as it happens, I'm the host

  (Le acerca una botella de whisky para que beba)


- No, thank you.

- I don't blame you, it's awful. What are you looking at?

-You tell me.

- I ain't always this bad. It is just that last night, me and my pal, Doc Philly, we did a little celebrating.

- Oh, only celebrating?  

- Well, you name it. What do you want?

- My name is Mc Greedy. I came in on the streamliner.

- You what ?!


Vocabulary and Dictionary on line:


Hold it: deténgase / get hanged: hacerse colgar / locked: cerrar bajo llave / jail: celda /thought: pensar / guest: huesped /  as it happens: sucede que / host: dueño de casa /blame: culpar / awful: horrible / I ain't: I am not / pal: socio, amigo / name: verbo: dar nombre / came in: vine / streamliner: tren.


The Language of Presentations (Business English)


I’d (would) like you to look (Est.468, 497) at this graph. Here we can see a fairly typical growth-curve for a company first in the field in a new high-tech industry...turnover rising dramatically, in the early growth phase, flattening out in the face of competition, and then recovering as we responded (Pasado simple, Est. 22, 40, 270) to that competition.


Visitron’s (Caso posesivo) early success was due to three main factors. Firstly the company was protected (voz pasiva, Est. 177, 178, 184) by patents. Secondly there was (BE, There + be) the vital UK Government contract in 1965, here on the graph, and thirdly the direct-selling policy was extremely successful. We can trace the beginning of Visitron’s problems to the end of the patents in 1972.  Kamakura entered (pas. simple, Est. 4, 226, 311) the market in that year with Large and Medium Unit machines, and was followed (voz pasiva, Est. 175, 190, 194) a year later by Hyperscan with the first  Small Unit models. The story after that is familiar  to all of us.

Faced with severe  price competition and very good ´me too´ products, Visitron’s  market shares

declined (pasado simple) and profitability slumped (pasado simple). The 1975  Company Plan was  the first attempt to climb back. In a nutshell, the strategy was to win back market shares by establishing an unbeatable technological lead.  R & D was doubled (voz pasiva) and later that year Visitron launched (pasado simple) its first Small Unit machine”.





Los números llevan al CD del libro ¿Hablar inglés? Donde encontrará estructuras semejantes a las del texto y referencias cruzadas con gramática, videos, etc.


“Escucha lo que dijo el hombre” por Paul M Cartney


Any  time, any day

You can hear the people say

That love is blind

Well I don't know, but I

say love is kind

Soldier boy kisses girl

Leaves behind a tragic world

But he won't mind

He's in love and he says

love is kind.



Oh, yes, indeed we know

that people find a way to go

no matter what the man said

And love is fine for all we know

For all we know

our love will grow

That's what the man said.


So won't you listen to what the man said

He said.




The wonder of it all, baby

The wonder of it all, baby

The wonder of it all, baby

Yeah, yeah, yeah !






Any: cualquier / hear: oir / blind: ciego / kind: amable / leaves behind: olvidar; dejar atrás /  world:mundo / mind: importarle a uno / indeed: ciertamente / find: encontrar / grow: crecer / won't: will not, futuro; en este caso 'no escuches' / wonder: maravilla.



 SAY IT NOW, British Institute




En enero se ha abierto la inscripción para cursos de INTERPRETACIÓN DE TEXTOS (Gramática interactiva).  La duración del curso es de dos meses y es gratuito. Te comunicas por e-mail con nosotros. Te enviamos un CD  para que trabajes y a vuelta de correo recibes la evaluación. El costo del CD es de 4 euros más gastos de envío.

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Once, passing a suite at the Savoy Hotel, London, while Melba* was practising, Tetrazzini** turned to the Savoy´s superintendent and asked: "Have you many cats in your lovely hotel?"




*Dame Nellie Melba GBE (19 May 1861 – 23 February 1931), born Helen Porter Mitchell, was an Australian opera soprano.



** Luisa Tetrazzini exactly 100 years ago, LuisaTetrazzini, the most famous opera singer of her day.(The Arts, The little Book of Insults. Pag.140).







Two Tramps and a Dog (Joke)




Two tramps are walking along a quiet road. A dog is following them. Suddenly they see a car in the distance. The car is coming towards them. The tramps move to one side, but the dog stays in the middle of the road. The car runs over the dog. The driver stops. He gets out of the car, gives 50 Euros to the tramps and drives away.

¿Whose dog was it? “, asks one of the tramps.






The Guadarrama Tunnel




The Guadarrama Tunnel is part of the Spanish high speed rail network connecting Madrid and Valladolid and is one of the most important travel links in Spain. Crossing the Sierra de Guadarrama the tunnel is 16.5 miles long. The construction contract was signed in 2001, and work began soon after. Nevertheless progress was delayed by hard rock formations. The tunnel cost around $1.6 billion to build and trains can  pass through at maximum speeds of 217 MPH.




Toda la gramática inglesa funcionalizada de modo que encontrará, por hipertexto, todo lo que al respecto le interese: gramática propiamente dicha, ejercicios, 618 oraciones en todos los tiempos verbales, voz pasiva, oraciones condicionales, voz indirecta que se brindan para que las traduzca, sus correspondientes interpretaciones, diccionario por hipertexto y qué no.


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