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Monster Riddles

Skelton Riddles

Two Limericks

 Good Company, by Leonard Clark

YEAR 5: Objectives for Reports





NARRATOR 1 : Santa Claus lives in the Laughing Valley, where everything is happy and gay. He works all through the year at his castle in which his toys are made. Ryls, knooks, pixies and fairies live with him.( One by one , they bow) They help him prepare the gifts for Christmas Eve.




NARRATOR 2: At the other side, stands the huge mountain that contains the Caves of the Demons. One would think that our good old Santa would have no enemies . But the demons who live in the caves hate him very much. Why? For the simple reason that he makes children happy.


NARRATOR 3: (As he walks past each cave, pointing at their entrance) The Caves of the Demons are five. In the first cave lives the Demon of Selfishness.




NARRATOR 3:The next cavern is inhabitted by the Demon of Envy.




NARRATOR 3: The cave of the Demon of Hatred is next.




NARRATOR 3: Further on, is the home of the Demon of Malice, a dark and fearful cave.




 NARRATOR 3: From each one of these caves there is a tunnel  leading to a cosy little room occupied by the Demon of Repentance. This  last demon is a pleasant fellow who opens a little door for those who escape from the other caves.




NARRATOR 4: One day these Demons of the Caves, who disliked Santa Claus so much, held a meeting.


D.S: I’m really getting lonesome. Santa Claus is so generous that the children become happy and generous too and keep away from my cave


D.E.: I’m having the same trouble. Santa Claus distributes so many pretty presents that there are few children who become envious.


D.H: And that makes it bad for me! If no children pass through the Caves of  Selfishness and Envy , none can get to MY  cavern.


D.M: Or to mine.


D.R: For my part, if children do not visit your caves, they don’t need to visit mine.


D.M.: And all because of this person they call Santa Claus. Something must be done at once.


NARRATOR 5: To this they all agreed. First, they decided to tempt him into their caves. So the very next day, while Santa was busily working with his assistants…


D.S: These toys are wonderful! Why don’t you keep them for yourself? It’s a pity to give them to those noisy boys and willful girls, who destroy them so quickly.


SANTA CLAUS: Nonsense! The boys and girls are never so noisy and willful after receiving my presents.


NARRATOR 6: So the demon went back to the others.


D.S: I have failed because Santa Claus is not selfish at all.


NARRATOR 6: The following day the Demon of Envy visited Santa Claus.


D.E: The toy shops are full of playthings .They make toys by machinery much quicker and they sell them for money. You get nothing at all for all your work.


SANTA CLAUS: My work is one of love and kindness. I don’t want money for my little gifts. Toy shops also bring happiness to my little friends. I like toy shops.


NARRATOR 1: Next, the Demon of Hatred thought HE would try to influence Santa Claus.


D.H: Good morning, Santa. I have bad news for you.


SANTA CLAUS: Then go away. Bad news is something that must be kept secret and never told.


D.H: You’d better listen. In the world there are many people who do not believe in Santa Claus. I’m sure you hate them, don’t you?


SANTA: Nonsense! Rubbish!  I don’t hate them. They do me no harm. They just make their children unhappy. I must help them.


NARRATOR 2: The Demons could not tempt Santa in any way. So they determined to use force.

As he did year after year, on Christmas Eve Santa drove his reindeer Rudolph,………………………………(they greet the audience one by one) out into the big world carrying toys and pretty gifts to the children.




NARRATOR 3:  The moon shone big and bright in the sky . Santa was  happily riding in his sleigh, when suddenly a strange thing happened.

       (Santa whistles and sings, cracks his whip. D…….  throws a rope with a big noose at the end over Santa’s head and body ,tightens it and Santa falls out of the sleigh. The Demons gag him , carry him into a cave and chain him to a rocky wall. They rub their hands and laugh.)


D.M.: What will the children do now? How they will cry when they find there are no toys in their stockings.


D.S.: And no gifts on their Christmas trees.


D. E.: They will at last come to our Caves of Selfishness, and Envy, and Hatred, and Malice .


D.H: We have done a clever job, we Demons of the Caves!


NARRATOR 4: Now it so happened that Santa Claus had taken with him in his sleigh Nuter the Ryl, Peter the Knook, Kilter the Pixie and a small fairy named Wisk.


LITTLE WISK: (sticking out his head from under the seat) Santa Claus is gone!

                                (Peter, Nuter and Kilter pop up)

PETER : Where is  he? Can you see him?


NUTER: Oh, no!  What shall we do now?


KILTER: We must go back at once and find our master.


LITTLE WISK: No, no!  If  we go back, there will be no time to get the toys to the children before morning.


NUTER: You’re right. We must distribute the toys first.  Afterwards we can look for our master.

(They walk away carrying sacks full of toys on their backs)


NARRATOR 5: Santa Claus had always told them exactly what to do. But now they had to distribute the toys by themselves. No wonder they made so many mistakes!


(They leave parcels on the children’s beds while they are sleeping)


CHARLIE SMITH: (Opens the parcel)   Oh, no! I wanted some rubber boots to play in the snow and he brings me some ……………………instead! Santa Claus is a fraud.


JOHN BROWN: ( Opens his parcel)  Oh, no! What’s this? A doll is of no use to a boy who loves football. Santa Claus is a fraud.


NARATOR 6: Early next morning the little folk began to think how they might rescue their master. (They  cluster together) First of all, they had to find out what had happened to him and where he was. So Wisk, Nuter , Kilter and Peter went to see the Fairy Queen. She was very wise and knew everything.


L. WISK: Your Majesty, something really terrible has happened. Santa Claus has disappeared.


NUTER: We were riding in his sleigh when suddenly it stopped. We looked around, but Santa was not there any more.


KILTER: Do you know where he may be?


PETER: Your Majesty, you are so wise. Please, help us find him.


FAIRY QUEEN: All right, all right. Don’t worry. We’ll find him. I’m sure the Demons of the Caves have kidnapped him. They hate him so much! Their caves are in the mountain. I can show you the way. We must be very careful.

(They walk away together)

(The Demons are guarding the  prisoner)


D.M: The children are waking up, Santa. They will find their stockings empty. Ho,ho ho!


D.H: (Rubbing his hands) How they will quarrel, and wail, and stamp their feet in anger!


D.S: Our caves will be full today, old Santa. Our caves are sure to be full! Ho, ho, ho!


NARRATOR 1: Finding that their prisoner would not reply, the Demons went away and the Demon of Repentance took their place.


D.R: ( in a soft voice) The little ones will be very disappointed. But if they come to the Caves of the Demons today, I shall get a chance to lead them to my Cave of Repentance.


SANTA CLAUS: Do you never repent yourself?


D.R: Oh, yes! I am now repenting. But, of course, it is too late. The evil has been done. (Pause) Yet, to prove that I sincerely regret what I’ve done, I am going to help you escape.(Unlocks the chains and both emerge together). I hope you will forgive me. I am not really a bad person.


SANTA CLAUS: Thank you for your help. You know,  I am sure the world would a gloomy place without you. So, good morning, and a Merry Christmas to you!


( Everybody clusters around Santa and sings )






Ancient Greece



  1. Ancient Greece was ruled over by one person.
  2. The Ancient Greeks did not grow enough grain to eat.
  3. The Athenians won the Peloponnesian War.
  4. During their training as soldiers, Spartan boys were told that it was     not wrong to steal food.
  5. The Ancient Greeks were great seafearers.
  6. Women and slaves were allowed to go to the Pnyx and vote.
  7. The Ancient Greeks offered sacrifices to their gods and goddesses.
  8. Life in Ancient Greece was not different for rich and poor, for men and women.
  9. Women had their own Olympic games.
  10. The Greeks were the first people to build theatres.





  1. The Ancient Greeks lived more than ----- years ago.

a) 5000                            b) 2000                    c) 3000

  1. Much of mainland Greece is ----- .

a) flat                               b) mountainous         c) fertile

  1. The  Ancient Greeks believed that their gods and goddesses lived ---a) over Mount Olympus    b) in the Underworld    c) in the Parthenon 
  2. The Ancient Greeks made pots from ----- .

a) marble                         b) copper                  c) clay

   5.  All Greek actors were ----- .

 a) men                            b) women                 c) children   

   6. Sparta is famous for ----- .

           a) democracy                     b) the Olympic games        c) its powerful army 

   7.  ----- learnt to read and write.

           a) All Athenian children                       b) Only rich Athenian boys       

                                     c) Rich Athenian children

   8. Stories about Greek gods and goddesses are known as ----- .

           a) legends                         b) myths                      c) fables 

   9.     The Greeks believed that when they died, their souls were taken toa) the Underworld           b) Mount Olympus        c) Heaven 

   10.  The Olympic Games were held every -----

a) year                             b) two years              c) four years




    1. Athens                                    a) a fortress in times of war                                        
    2. The Acropolis                          b) democracy                     
    3. Zeus                                       c) king of the gods
    4. Hades                                     d) god of the Underworld
    5. Home                                      e) the market place
    6. Pottery                                    f) the biggest temple in Athens                                     
    7. Gods and goddesses                 g) The Odyssey
    8. The Parthenon                         h) immortal
    9. The Agora                               i) red and black figures
    10.  Archaeologists                        j) evidence


Ghost Riddles

What kind of music do ghosts like?
Ans: Rhythm and boos!
Why did the ghost take his family on a elevator ride every day?
Ans: To raise their spirits.
What color did the ghost turn after it drank orange juice?
Ans: Orange.
Who did the ghost invite to his party?
Ans: Anyone he could dig up!
Who did the ghost go with to the Halloween party?
Ans: With No-Body!
What do ghosts do when they want to start up a computer?
Ans: They boo-t it up!
What's a ghost's favorite thing to roast?
Ans: Boomallows.
What did the ghost say when he took the stage?
Ans: Hello, boos and ghouls!
Why did the ghost run away?
Ans: Because someone said BOO!
How did the ghost do at the comedy club?
Ans: He was a dead-knockout.
What is the little ghost's favorite party game?
Ans: Musical Graves.
How do ghosts greet you?
What is a ghost's favorite desert?
Ans: Iced Screams!
What is the little ghost's favorite pre-school activity?
Ans: Scream and Tell!
What kind roads do ghosts haunt?
Ans: DEAD ENDS! (where you'll end up when I get you!
HA! HA!!!!!!!!!!!)
Where does a girl ghost go to get her hair done?
Ans: To the BOOty Parlor.
What do you call a website for ghosts?
Ans: Bahoo or Yaboo!
How do baby ghost cry?
Ans: Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo.
What kind of shampoo does a ghost have?
Ans: Shamboo!!!
What is Casper's favorite sticky treat?
Ans: Boo-ble gum.
Where do baby ghosts come from?
Ans: Boo Genes.
What vehicle does a kid ghost like to ride?
Ans: A boocycle.
Why did the ghost go to the doctor?
Ans: To get a Booster shot.
What game do ghost like to play?
Ans: Peek-a-Boo.
What is the difference between ghosts and patched jeans?
Ans: Ghosts are dead men. Patched jeans are men-ded!
What do you call a ghost running through the jungle with a machine gun?
Ans: Ramboo.
What is a ghost's favorite ride?
Ans: A rooler ghoster.
What would you get if you crossed a cocker spaniel,a French poodle, and a ghost?
Ans: A cocker-poodle-boo!
What do ghost cheerleaders say?
Ans: Rah!Rah!Rah!Sis-boo-bah!
Who protects the shores where spirits live?
Ans: The Ghost Guard!
What do ghosts eat for dinner?
Ans: Spookgetti.
What does a mummy ghost say to its baby?
Ans: Booware of strangers!
What is a ghost's favorite dance?
Ans: Boo-skoot boo-gie.
What does a ghost swim in?
Ans: The DEAD sea!
What does a sign say in front of a ghost restroom?
Ans: Boils and Ghouls!
What does a ghost use to forecast the weather?
Ans: A boomometer.
What kind of pets do ghosts have?
Ans: Scaredy Cats!
Why are ghosts like newspaper?
Ans: Because they appear in sheets.
What is a ghost's favorite holiday?
Ans: April Ghoule's Day
What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?
Ans: You look bootiful tonight.
What does a ghost put on his cereal in the morning?
Ans: Boonanas and Booberries.
What does a ghost keep in its stable?
Ans: Night Mares.
What do baby ghosts wear on their feet?
Ans: Boo-ties!
What do children ghosts have for lunch?
Ans: A boo-loney sandwich.
What do young ghosts called their moms and dads?
Ans: Transparent.
What kind of street does a ghost likes to live?
Ans: A dead end.
Where do nice ghosts and goblins get there food?
Ans: At a gross-ery store.
At ghost school what does a teacher say when a student has the correct answer?
Ans: You're fright.
What did the papa ghost say his ghostly children?
Ans: Fasten your sheet belt.
What is a ghost's favorite direction?
Ans: Horror-zontal.
Why did the police officer arrest the ghost?
Ans: Because he didn't have a haunting licence.
What kind of cars do ghosts drive?
Ans: Boo--icks.
What did the Goober the Ghost say to his girl friend?
Ans: "My, you're looking boootiful tonight!"
What is a ghost's favorite oatmeal?
Ans: SCREAM of Wheat!!!
Where do little ghosts learn to yell "BOO!"?
Ans: In noisery school.
Where did the spook buy his stamps?
Ans: At the ghost office.
Why couldn't the ghost ride the bus?
Ans: Because he didn't have exact chains.
Why did the ghost rush home from school?
Ans: To watch an afterghoul special on TV.
What is a ghost's favorite party game?
Ans: Hide-and-go-shriek.
What does the ghost say when someone punches him?
Ans: Would you like your arm back?
What did one ghost say to a other ghost?
Ans: BOO to you too.
"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "Boo" "Boo Who?"
Ans: "Don't cry!"
What did one ghost say to the other when they fell down?
Ans: I got a booooooooooooboooooooooo.
What did one ghost say to another?
Ans: Do you believe in people?
What did the ghost say when the truck hit him?
Ans: Get out of the way.
What is a ghost's favorite pie?
Ans: Booberry pie (blueberry pie).
What is a ghost's favorite candy?
Ans: BOO-ble gum
What is the the name of the magazine that adult ghosts read?
Ans: PlayBoo
What is a ghost favorite article of clothing?
Ans: Boojeans.
What color is a ghost?
Ans: Boo (blue).


Monster Riddles


What did the mummy say when he solved the case of the missing cat?
Ans: That about wraps it up.
What did the Zombie say to Frankenstein?
Ans: I've been die-ing to meet you!
What do you do with a green monster?
Ans: Wait until it ripens.
How did the ghoul scald his face?
Ans: Bobbing for french flies!
What do you call a dentist who ofters to clean a werewolf's teeth?
Ans: CRAZY!!!!!
What type of monster really loves dance music?
Ans: The boogieman!
What kind of monster can surf?
Ans: The bogie board.
What do you get when a mummy joins a band?
Ans: Wrap music.
What did the boy Frankenstien and the girl Frankenstien do when they met?
Ans: It was love at first fright.
Why does Frankenstein have screw in his head?
Ans: To keep his head on straight!
Why do monsters go to McDonalds?
Ans: Because they like the Filet-O-Witch sandwitch and French Flies!!!!
What are your three choices if a monster comes after you and all you have on hand is a toothbrush and toothpatse tube?
Ans: 1.Run 2.Run 3.Run
Mummy, why do all the other Kids call me a Werewolf?
Ans: Now stop talking and brush your face!
What did the grandfather monster say to his grandson monster when they hadn't seen each other for quite awhile?
Ans: You gruesome.
Who belongs to the monsters' PTA?
Ans: Mummies and Deadies.
What's a ghoul's favorite drink?
Ans: Ghoul-aid.
What happened when the boy monster and the ghoul tried to kiss in the fog?
Ans: They MIST!
What is a monster's favorite food?
Ans: Ghoul scout cookies.
What is the biggest monster that lives in the ocean?
Ans: Boo Whale!
What do goblins mail home while on vacation?
Ans: Ghostcards.
What's a zombie's favorite breakfast cereal?
Ans: Rice Creepies.
Where do nice ghosts and goblins get there food?
Ans: At a gross-ery store.
Why was the Zorkie the Zombie so grumpy?
Ans: He woke up too early in the mourning.
What does a mummy say?
Ans: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
What position does a monster play on the soccer team?
Ans: Ghoulie.
What do you get when you cross a were-wolf with a drip-dry suit?
Ans: A wash-and-werewolf.
What kind of hot dogs do monsters like best?
Ans: Hallowieners.
There were 3 monsters under an umbrella there was a hole in it. Which monster got wet?
Ans: No one it wasn't even raining!
Who are some of the werewolves cousins?
Ans: The whatwolves and the whenwolves.
What is the name of the book listing monsters who are socially prominent?
Ans: The Boo Book or the Boo's Boo.
What would you do if a witch, an alien, Count Dracula and Frankenstein were at your door?
Ans: Hope it was Halloween.
What would you do if a witch, an alien, Count Dracula and Frankenstein were at your door and it wasn't Halloween?
Ans: Scream!!!
Can you escape from a monster by using a flash light?
Ans: Yes, if you runfast enough.
What does a baby monster called his father and mother?
Ans: Dead and Mummy.
What do you get when you cross a vampire with a mummy?
Ans: A flying band-aid.
What does a hundred pound mouse say to a witch's black cat?
Ans: "Here, kitty,kitty."
How does a two-headed monster greets his friends?
Ans: Hello, hello. Howare you? How are you?
Where does a thousand pound monster goes at night?
Ans: Anywhere it wants.
Where do monsters mail their letters?
Ans: At the ghost office.

Skeleton Riddles


Why doesn't a skeleton play music in a church?
Ans: Because it has no organs!
What does a skeleton orders at a restaurant?
Ans: Spare ribs!!!
What did the skelton say when his brother told a lie?
Ans: You can't fool me, I can see right through you.
Why didn't the skeleton eat the cafeteria food?
Ans: Because he didn't have the stomach for it!
What did the skeleton order at the restaurant?
Ans: A glass of coke and a mop.
Why did the skeleton cross the road?
Ans: The chicken was on vacation.
Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball?
Ans: Because he had "no
body" to go with!
Why did the skelton laugh so hard?
Ans: Because he has funny bones!
What did the skeleton say while riding his Harley?
Ans: I'm bone to be wild!
Why wouldn't the skeleton cross the road?
Ans: He didn't have the guts.
What is a skeletons favorite instrument?
Ans: A Trom-Bone


Monster Footprints
With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge. Cut out the footprint. Pour washable paint in an
1/8 inch aluminum pan. Press the sponge in the paint and sponge footsteps up your sidewalk to your front door for trick-or-treaters to follow, or around the side of your dark, spooky house. Flip the sponge
upside down to stamp the other foot.

Green Pumpkins
Great idea! Carve green peppers as jack-o-lanterns! You can have a whole row of them, and there are
yellow and red peppers to try as well. Have a whole army of scary faces to greet goblins at your door.
They will never recover from the fright!

Crumple up a piece of tissue paper into a ball. Place it into the center of a flat piece of tissue paper.
Pick up the corners of the flat tissue and twist it around the ball. Tie a twist tie or a piece of string
around the ghosts's neck. Draw a face with a felt pen. You can hang them up all over the house! You can
also glue on yarn, and make a black hat and cape from colored paper to make a witch!

Wicked, wicked witch

1.Cut the top off of a cardboard milk carton and discard.
2.Cover the carton with black construction paper and tape at the back.
3.Cut a strip of white paper 3 inches wide and tape around the top over the black paper.
4.Draw a scary witch's face on the white paper. Glue on some yarn for the hair.
5.Make a cone-shaped witch's hat with black paper and glue to the top.
6.Cut out arms and hands from white paper. Cut out feet from black paper. Tape them to the witch.
7.Glue a popsickle stick to one of the witch's hands.
8.Cut out two small pieces of yellow paper and cut a fringe on the bottom. Glue one on each side of
the end of the popsickle stick for the broom.
9.You can give these to your friends if you are having a Halloween party!

Bobbing Ghosts
Start with a piece of cheesecloth 2 yards long and 1 yard wide. Place a helium filled balloon (white is best) in the middle of the fabric and gather loosely around balloon. Draw a horrid mask on the cloth with a felt pen. You can put some ghosts in a box and when people open the box the ghosts will float up and
scare everyone! Or, you can place them on string in front of an open window or a fan and watch them
gently move in the breeze.

Icky Cobwebs
Cut some string into 4 foot lengths and tape them to the ceiling. You should have a very dim room for this. Just before the victim arrives you can hold a bowl of water up to the string and get it wet. When people walk in the wet, slimy string will brush across their foreheads and scare them!

Body Parts
This is a good decoration for a dimly lit room at party time. Have several bowls of body parts displayed
to horrify your friends. Cut up a bunch of hot dogs lenghwise for severed fingers.Cook some spaghetti
noodles and add some red and blue food coloring for veins. A bunch of cocktail onions rolling around in a
bowl looks like eyeballs. Fill a red balloon with warm water and spread it with strawberry jam. Invite
your guests to touch your brain!

Crunching Bones Underfoot
Spread some dried bread and pretzels under a rug. When your guests walk across the rug it will sound
like crunching bones underfoot!

Sound Effects
You can record several scary sounds and play it back during the festivities. A very large sheet of poster board or sheet metal makes great thunder. Uncooked rice poured onto a cookie sheet sounds like rain.
Crinkle a handful of cellophane for a roaring fire. To get a good scream you can, well -- scream. Snap
carrots in half for the sound of breaking bones. Flap a plastic bag in front of the microphone for the
sound of bats. Slowly blow bubbles with a straw into a bowl for that bog sound. Hunt around your house
and the garden to find a squeaky hinge somewhere and tape it before someone gets to it with a can of oil.     CHECK OUT OUR MUSIC SECTION!

When you have everything so dimly lit it's a good idea to have some reflective tape over the Exits. A
black light bulb is always a good effect, especially if you are dressed as a skeleton!



Two Limericks


There was a young lady from Gloucester

Whose parents both thought they had lost her.

From the fridge came a sound

And at last she was found.
The problem was how to defrost her.





A flea and a fly in a flue

Were imprisoned, so what could they do?

“Let us flee”, said the fly.

“Let us fly”, said the flea.

So they flew through a flaw in the flue.






 Good Company, by Leonard Clark


I sleep in a room at the top of the house

With a flea, and a fly, and a softscratching mouse,

And a spider that hangs by a thread from the ceiling,

Who gives me each day such a curious feeling

When I watch  him at work on his beautiful weave
Of his web that’s so fine I can hardly believe

It won’t all end up in such terrible tangles

For he sways as he  weaves, and spins as he dangles.

I cannot get up to that spider, I know,

And I hope he won’t get down to me here below,
And yet when I wake in the chill morning air

I’d miss him if he were not still swinging there,

For I have in my room such good company,
There’s him, and the mouse, and the fly, and the flea.





Objectives for Reports





Speaking and Listening




Speak fluently and accurately, using a wide vocabulary


Participate in class conversations, with increasing confidence


Through relevant comments and questions, show they have listened carefully


Express clearly ideas, opinions and preferences




Read a range of texts fluently, respecting punctuation


Read texts confidently and accurately, showing understanding of the themes, events, characters


Read with expression and intonation to communicate feelings and moods


Locate and use ideas and information from a range of sources




Construct simple sentences correctly and begin to use more complex sentences


Organise work in paragraphs according to purpose


Use punctuation effectively, including commas, apostrophes and speech marks


Spell words accurately, using known spellings and rules as a basis


Use appropriate tenses with increasing accuracy


Choose and use vocabulary for effect, including  variety of verbs, adjectives and adverbs


Summarize the main points of a text


Plan, revise, correct and improve their own work for clarity and correctness

Handwriting is fluent, joined and neat










Multiply and divide any positive integer up to 10000 by 10 and 100 and understand the effect


Order a given set of positive and negative integers


Use decimal notation for tenths and hundredths


Round a number with 1 or 2 decimal places to the nearest integer


Relate fractions to division and to their decimal representations


Calculate mentally a difference such as 8006-2993


Carry out column addition and subtraction of positive integers less than 10000


Know by heart all multiplication facts up to 10x10


Carry out short multiplication and division of a 3-digit by a 1-digit integer


Carry out long multiplication of a 2-digit by a 2-digit integer


Use "length x breadth" for the area of a rectangle: understand area in cm2


Recognise parallel and perpendicular lines, and properties of rectangles


Use +, -, x, / to solve word problems involving numbers, including time, explaining methods






















































·         Has improved her degree of accuracy as well as her speed.

·         Shows determination in an area she finds difficult.

·         Works methodically and with great care and pride.

·         Takes great pride in her achievements.

·         Shows a mature creative ability.

·         A hardworking and positive member of the class.

·         Always tries to do her best.

·         Continues to take great steps forward in all areas of the curriculum.

·         Writes/ works independently.

·         Apt at learning; quick- witted; shows an aptitude for maths/languages/art.

·         Apt to get into mischief.

·         Thank you for such tremendous support from home.

·         Continues to work well, producing well presented and accurate work.

·         Has little difficulty in analysing and making connections with concepts introduced previously: an important attribute in science.

·         Shows a well developed creative ability.

·         Has matured considerably in his general behaviour.

·         His good results come from his great effort but also from the strong support he recieves from home.

·         Has not been able to produce the written work required from him /the class.

·         Is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with his class. Consequently, he is becoming more and more frustrated and demotivated, as he realizes his inability to progress at the same pace.

·         Shows little interest in this area of the curiculum.

·         Shows understanding of the concepts but cannot express it appropriately.

·         Thoroughly enjoys this subject , producing work of a good standard.

·         Is producing less and less work as he finds tasks unsurmountable.

·         Assimilates information but does not produce the work the class is required .

·         Has worked very hard at a subject she does not find easy.

·         Continues to produce work of a high standard in …

·         Her ability to analyse concepts and produce logical conclusions is commendable/ praiseworthy.

·         Her presentation needs her continuous effort.

·         has worked consistently throughout the year and has made good progress.

·         Achieves high marks/ good results without much effort.

·         shows a very well developed linguistic ability which is reflected in her written work.

·         Has shown a mature understanding of…/ shows a high level of understanding.

·         works carefully and produces some very beautiful work.shows a high level of

·         Has obtained very good marks in all our class assessments.

·         Has not kept up with the rest of the class with the writing skills taught.

·         Cannot maintain her level of concentration to enable her to follow the lesson.

·          Works quietly and patiently alone, producing work from which she derives great satisfaction.

·         Has found  the demands of this subject very exacting but drew a lot of positive results from it.

·         Her self-confidence has grown considerably , enabling her to…

·         Has been a delight to teach

·         Demonstrates a high level of understanding in all areas.

·         I am a little worried about her progress in writing skills.

·         It has been a rewarding experience to teach her.

·         Her work is suffering at word/ sentence level from the confusion she has with sounds and letters.(phonics and spelling)

·         Has improved considerably in this area.

·         As a result of her hard work, she is beginning to get better results

·         Is very gifted in this area

·         Has an enormous creative capacity which is reflected in the work she produces.

·         His writing is very imaginative.

·         Shows a keen interest in…

·         Art is a profitable activity for… because he can relax.

·         His mood swings cause him to get into trouble / have impeded his progress.

·         His attacks of bad mood are beyond his control.

·         Could progress further academically if he did not have to deal with this problem.

·         Writes with expression and has her own personal style.

·         Has a natural ability in this area.

·         Has obtained a firm grasp of all concepts taught this term.

            Has often not finished his tasks and wasted his time.

            Continuous to show interest and motivation in this area.

            Has scored high marks in all her assessment tests.

            Has worked with diligence and consistency.

            She is becoming a little wayward.

            Has worked reasonably well.

            Has spent a lot of time day-dreaming .

            Has shone in maths.

            Continuous to work hard, always doing her best.

            She understands the concepts and the methods.

            Produces  work of a very good standard.

..           Her determination and enthusiasm are reflected in her work/ the results she gets.

             A very determined pupil, mature and sensitive/ very cooperative.

             As a result of her sustained effort,….

             She finds Maths challenging.


A very helpful member of her class.

Always works at a minimum.

Has shown an ability to develop his own strategies for problem solving / calculation.

Shows no difficulty in understanding and linking the  concepts introduced.

Has a talent for….

Spends his time annoying others and wasting his capacity.

Did beautifully in the Christmas concert , demonstrating his acting skills.

The demands made upon him were great.

It is a pity he has not taken up the opportunity to work hard.

Has fallen behind the rest of her class. Needless to say, the work in year6 builds up on the foundations set in year 5. I hope he has the discipline to push himself next year.

Takes pride in doing well.

I’d like to point out that there has been/ he has shown a general improved attitude towards his work.

Has shown a marked improvement in her attitude towards work.

Shows a good level of attainment.

Works so slowly that rarely finishes her work.

Her determination to beat her nerves…