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Cambridge Science Park


This events noticeboard is for announcements about events, conferences, etc that may be of general interest to the companies working on the Science Park. To add your event, send the details to

Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture

      The Anthropological Institute was founded in accordance with the  ideals of Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt, SVD, one of the giants of  twentieth-century cultural anthropology. The focus is mainly on traditional cultures of Asia, particularly those of South and  Southeast Asia.

School of Language and Literature
     Mr J. Derrick McClure · King’s College · University of Aberdeen · Old Aberdeen AB24 2UB, Scotland
     Telephone: +44 (0)1224-272645  · Fax: +44 (0)1224-272624 ·  Email:

For the twelfth conference in this long-running and highly successful series, we are returning to the University where the saga began in 1986.  Aberdeen University is situated in the heart of a region with one of the most distinctive and best-preserved local cultural traditions in Scotland: fittingly, therefore, a main theme of the conference will be Local voices: dialect and folk-speech in regional literatures.

It is also renowned for its pre-eminence as a centre for Scottish and Irish studies: another theme which will receive special prominence will therefore be: Exile and homeland: the preservation of identity in diaspora literature.


Rosa Penna, Universidad Católica Argentina ( lectured on  A Passage to India: Unions and Ruptures in Forster´s Novel (with Echoes from Walt Whitman)

      Rosa Penna

     UCA: Facultad de Filosofía y letras. Publicaciones

          Instituto de Literatura Inglesa y Norteamericana

    Rosa Penna is a collaborator of Emilia María Trevisi Foundation


     University of Bergen

About Bergen

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with about 240.000 inhabitants. Around 30.000 students from over 110 countries make Bergen an international student town. Bergen is described as the “Gateway to the Fjords”. Located on the western coast of Norway, by the Atlantic ocean, the history and development of Bergen is closely linked to trade routes at sea and a constant interaction with the outside world.

In the 13th century, Bergen was the capital and the largest city in Norway. The city’s role as a vital link within the Hanseatic league established it as an important international centre.

Today its international focus is very much in evidence in the thriving maritime industry, as well as in other areas of commerce and also in its education and research institutions.

Bergen has three university level institutions. During the academic year, there are around 25.000 students in Bergen, or about 10% of the city population.


    Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

        Universidad Complutense de Madrid
            Ciudad Universitaria - 28040 Madrid
                Tel. (+34) 914520400

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    University of Oxford



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    University of Toronto

        Hart House - University of Toronto
The Clash of Intolerances - A homecoming lecture by Ramin Jahanbegloo - Jan 28, 200



    University of the Aegean

    University Hill
    81100 Mytilene

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   University of Viterbo

     Special Education.

        Thirteenth Annual Institute:  Educational and Legal Issues of Educating Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities




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      Grupo de Estudios de Historia Actual, Universidad de Cádiz




Educational Gazette


The Educational Gazette(EG) is a collaborative, computer-supported House Organ journal published by EMTF. In order to support the process of collaborative work, contributors  with different backgrounds and living in different regions of the world are welcome.

Contributions to EG focus on essays, reviews, debates and interviews about educational issues and their related subjects. It is aimed at keen or studious readers all over the world. Contributions made by representatives of the various fields of knowledge are welcome.

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