A territory is an area that is defended, especially against other individuals of the same species. Territories are socially constructed forms of spatial relations. Territories must have boundaries.
Territoriality maintains a context through which the world acquires a meaning and supports the construction and maintenance of
spatial organizations allowing to coordinate efforts, responsibilities and prevent people to act in some ways. Via territoriality essential links between society, space and time are affected, influenced and/or controlled.

Like the home and the walled city, the earth is a bounded unit; [...] (5: 163). No political organization effectively exist to give the whole globe visibility, for unlike  nation-states the earth has no external enemy (5: 164) Earth is [...] the human home in the cosmic scheme of things (5:165)


    5. YI-FU TUAN(A975) «Place: An Experiential Perspective», The Geographical Review, LXV, 2, 151-165.


Country, Nation, State & Nation-State