Educational Gazette

 Winter 2008 / 9 / 10 - 11


Deputy Editing Director
    Prof. Patricia Lannoˇ, Montessori School, Madrid


Pro Tempore Project Manager

    Carlos A. Trevisi, Trevisi Foundation Buenos Aires - Madrid



    Carlos A. Trevisi. EMTF┤s  President.

        Letter from the President
    Patricia Lannoˇ, House Organ Consultant. Montessori School.

    Patricia Trevisi,  Universidad Complutense, Madrid

    MarÝa Paz Trevisi, Universidad Compluense, Madrid

    Carlos M. Trevisi,  Trevisi & Ass.  Attorneys at Law. Principal. 


Board Members Address: El Pe˝ˇn 6, P.B, 1║ C. Guadarrama (28440) Madrid, Spain


Letters to the Board

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