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        27ème Foire Écobio  1-5-2008 / 5-5-2008

        Organic Agriculture and Climate Change: The contribution that Organic agriculture and our dietary choices can make to the mitigation of global warming 17-4-2008 / 18-4-2008

        Assises de l’agriculture biologique  2-10-2007 / 2-10-2007

        XIIth International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds  22-4-2007 / 27-4-2007


    Helping Build a World without Hunger

         World Food Summit



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Amartya Sen.

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James Petras. 

    "The New Revolutionary Peasantry: The growth of peasant-led opposition to neoliberalism," October 1998 (Petras essays in english).




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