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     British Curriculum, Year V


TEST Ancient Greece

Ghost Riddles
Monster Riddles

Skelton Riddles

Two Limericks

Good Company, by Leonard Clark

YEAR 5: Objectives for Reports

What makes a great teacher?

David Cameron's proclamation that the Tories will be "brazenly elitist" about the calibre of candidates entering the teaching profession betrays the fact that he doesn't know anything about teaching. As a teacher in various comprehensives for the past 20 years, I have seen many good teachers, and some, it's true, fit the stereotype that Cameron wants to impose: graduates with good degrees from so-called "good universities".


Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard: Pedagogy in the consumer society

     Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) es considerada una de los más originales  y provocativos filósofos de posguerra

     We are, as it seems, considering not only how a city, but also a luxurious city, comes into being... Let’s look at a feverish city… This healthy one isn’t adequate any more, but must already be gorged with a bulky mass of things. Republic Book II, 372e-373b.


Beyond Liberation: An Agenda for Educational Justice by Charles L. Glenn

Education in a multiracial society should place emphasis on growth in character and virtue. It is certainly time that advocates for racial justice began to insist that schools take on the high mission of developing such high qualities.

  1. Curriculum in the Public Schools: Can Compromise Be Reached? by Charles L. Glenn

    The author argues that the public schools ought not teach a value system and a world view contrary to the beliefs and values of the children's parents.

  2. Falling Behind: An Interview with Jonathan Kozol by Jonathan Kozol

    There is a general sense that society no longer intends to bring black and Hispanic children into the mainstream of society. The public schools today are every bit as segregated as they were in 1964, in the days of Martin Luther King.

  3. Making Schools Work For The Rich And The Poor by Ronald J. Sider

    The author argues for large expenditures in public education to remedy the ills of inner-city school. Money should be spent to experiment both with school vouchers and with other reforms.

Teaching Skills

     Teaching skills: ways to help improve teacher’s effectiveness

     The seven secrets behind great teaching


Slideshow: Women Artists of the Renaissance


Vittore Carpaccio Online


 The most popular artist searches

      The most popular artist searches last month: a not-to-be-taken-too-seriously measurement of which famous artists have the greatest "mindshare" in our collective culture.
















































Art Nouveau: Europeana's First Virtual Exhibition

From domestic furnishings and decorative art to architecture and advertising, the curved lines and floral themes of Art Nouveau - also known as Stile Liberty or Jugendstil - swept through every European capital around 1900, bringing a fresh elegance to urban life.



    Feminist Perspectives on Sex Markets


James Alison

Violence Undone(1407)

James Alison has lectured and taught throughout the U.S., the United Kingdom and Latin America. His books include The Joy of Being Wrong, Fragments Catholic and Gay and Raising Abel and Undergoing God. They present central Christian claims as deeply engaged with the Catholic theological tradition. This article appeared in The Christian Century, September 5, 2006 pp. 30-35. Copyright by the Christian Century Foundation; used by permission. Current articles and subscriptions information can be found at This material was prepared for Religion Online by Ted and Winnie Brock.


Sustainable Development


University of Oxford


Sir David King warns of climate change conflict Published: 13 Feb 09

    The Iraq war was the first ‘resource war’ according to Professor Sir David King, Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and a former UK government chief scientist.


Climate change may kill the Amazon rainforest

Published: 10 Feb 09

    The dieback of the Amazonian forests caused by climate change is not inevitable but remains a distinct possibility, according to a study led by the Professor of Ecosystem Science at Oxford University.




   Wild Singapore News

       Going nowhere fast: top rivers face mounting threats

       Many Major Rivers in Danger of Drying Out - WWF
            Story by Douwe Miedema

       WWF says pollution, dams threaten rivers

            By Eliane Engeler, Associated Press Writer




  1. A Question of Catholic Honesty by Daniel C. Maguire

    Abortion is always tragic, but the tragedy of abortion is not always immoral. Hand-wringingly sensitive to divergent views, the Catholic bishops give all sides a hearing, even the winnable nuclear war hypothesis -- a position they themselves find abhorrent, but change the topic to abortion, and nothing is the same.

  2. Abortion and Moral Consensus: Beyond Solomon’s Choice by Madonna Kolbenschlag

    Some churchmen and politicians are so intransigent on the issue of abortion, over which men have no physical control, and so tolerant of killing in war, over which men have always had control.

  3. Abortion and Theology by Martin E. Marty