What makes a great teacher?

David Cameron's proclamation that the Tories will be "brazenly elitist" about the calibre of candidates entering the teaching profession betrays the fact that he doesn't know anything about teaching. As a teacher in various comprehensives for the past 20 years, I have seen many good teachers, and some, it's true, fit the stereotype that Cameron wants to impose: graduates with good degrees from so-called "good universities".


Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard: Pedagogy in the consumer society

     Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) es considerada una de los más originales  y provocativos filósofos de posguerra

     We are, as it seems, considering not only how a city, but also a luxurious city, comes into being... Let’s look at a feverish city… This healthy one isn’t adequate any more, but must already be gorged with a bulky mass of things. Republic Book II, 372e-373b.

We can’t let the terrorists stop us from shopping. George Bush, September 2001.

Beyond Liberation: An Agenda for Educational Justice by Charles L. Glenn

Education in a multiracial society should place emphasis on growth in character and virtue. It is certainly time that advocates for racial justice began to insist that schools take on the high mission of developing such high qualities.

  1. A Bible Curriculum for Public Schools by Luke Timothy Johnson
  2. In reviewing a book on the influence of the Bible, the author comes to two conclusions about the book: 1. Students’ cultural ignorance goes far beyond the Bible.
  3. 2. The closer that writers and artists are to the present, the more difficult it is to make the case that they are in any sense shaped by the Bible.
  4. Curriculum in the Public Schools: Can Compromise Be Reached? by Charles L. Glenn

    The author argues that the public schools ought not teach a value system and a world view contrary to the beliefs and values of the children's parents.

  5. Falling Behind: An Interview with Jonathan Kozol by Jonathan Kozol

    There is a general sense that society no longer intends to bring black and Hispanic children into the mainstream of society. The public schools today are every bit as segregated as they were in 1964, in the days of Martin Luther King.

  6. Making Schools Work For The Rich And The Poor by Ronald J. Sider

    The author argues for large expenditures in public education to remedy the ills of inner-city school. Money should be spent to experiment both with school vouchers and with other reforms.

  7. Religion-free Texts: Getting An Illiberal Education by Warren A. Nord

    The author argues that in trying to be neutral to religion our public schools are actually hostile to religion. He would like to see religion restored to the curriculum.

  8. The Bible in the Classroom by Mark A. Chancey

    There is a countrywide push to teach the National Council on Biblical Curriculum in public schools, but its curriculum is a blatant attempt to project far-right aspects of the Bible.

  9. The Bible’s Place in the Public School by Rose Sallberg Kam

    The Supreme Court Justices have strongly encouraged instruction in the Bible as a literary and historical document, use of the Bible as a reference book, and study of the role religions have played in the development of civilization. Now that religion is ‘in’ it is possible to teach the most influential book in all of Western literature -- and to teach it without coercion or apology.

  10. The Hopeful Years: Children of the South Bronx by Jonathan Kozol

    The more time the author spends with inner-city children, the less credible and less legitimate large distinctions between them and other children seem.

  11. Transmitting a Vision: Religion in Independent Schools by Daniel R. Heischman

    Few other intellectual disciplines in our modern technological world go as unattended as moral and spiritual awareness among young people.


Competence-Based Vocational Education and Training (VET): the Cases of England and France in a European Perspective
Michaela Brockmann et al

Mapping the Field of VET Partnerships
Alison Taylor

Gender, Learning and Social Practice
Gendered Discourses in the Bakery
Klaus Nielsen

Policy as Boundary Object: A New Way to Look at Educational Policy Design and Implementation
Gholamreza Emad & Wolff-Michael Roth

Teaching Skills

     Teaching skills: ways to help improve teacher’s effectiveness

     The seven secrets behind great teaching


Fatal Indifference

   The G8, Africa, and Global Health by Ronald Labonte, Ted Schrecker, David Sanders y Wilma Meeus
               University of Cape Town Press/IDRC 2004
               ISBN 1-91971-384-0
               e-ISBN 1-55250-130-2

      For most of the past century, the spread of mysterious, frightening diseases is something that has occurred mostly in poorer parts of the planet. Now that it is identified as primarily a ‘Third World’, especially African, condition, AIDS has briefly managed to make it to the highest level of political agendas, including the UN Security Council. But all in all, the G8 countries under scrutiny in this book have for decades lived as though immune to at least two of the biblical scourges – famine and pestilence.

Globalization, Health and Development: The Right Prescription? 2004
Macroeconomic Policy, Structural Adjustment and Debt Relief 2004
Health and Health Systems 2004
Education 2004
Nutrition, Food Security and Biotechnology 2004
Official Development Assistance 2004
Trade and Market Access 2004
Environment 2004
Equity, Health and NEPAD: A Case Study 2004
Promises Kept and Broken, Right or Wrong 2004
Epilogue 2004

References: Part 1. 2004

Appendix 1: G7 and G8 Health-Related Commitments Matrix: 1999–2001 2004
Appendix 2: Data Tables 2004
Appendix 3: NEPAD’s Health Commitments 2004

Phenomenology as a Research Method, by Madeleine Rothe

   Writing as research

     Rothe is a landscape architect. This essay is a revised version of chapter 4 of her master’s thesis, which examines phenomenologically the process of becoming at home for 12 residents of the Nyland cohousing community outside of Denver, Colorado. As illustrated in the figure below, Rothe portrays this process as a series of seven stages and suggests that purchasing the land for development (after stage 3) and moving into the community (after stage 5) provide important external “spurs” for motivating the process onward. A thorough discussion of this becoming-at-home process is provided in Rothe, 2000. © Madeleine Rothe, 2001, 2003.


PM offers full apology on behalf of Canadians for the Indian Residential Schools system

11 June 2008, Ottawa, Ontario


Some Knowledge Capturing Techniques.

   Structure in School

        Ohio State


World Wars

World War One


World War Two

Genocide Under the Nazis

Cold War


    British History Timeline

    British History


    The Cathedrals of Britain (See Art and Architecture )


    Christopher Wren


The Advancement of  Learning, By Francis Bacon (Full text)

   Bacon makes, by a sort of exhaustive analysis, a ground-plan of all subjects of study, as an intellectual map, helping the right inquirer in his search for the right path. The right path is that by which he has the best chance of adding to the stock of knowledge in the world something worth labouring for; and the true worth is in labour for "the glory of the Creator and the relief of man's estate."

An Account of the Extraordinary Medicinal Fluid, called Aether. by Matthew Turner (Full Text)

ABC's of Science by Charles Oliver  (Book: full text)

I. The Supreme Power of Nature
II. Astronomy
III. The Solar System
IV. Across the Divide
V. Flourishment of the Earth
VI. Animal Magnetism
VII. Miscellaneous


   University of Viterbo

     Special Education.

        Thirteenth Annual Institute:  Educational and Legal Issues of Educating Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities

Famous Quotes

                "Education serves our life, wisdom commands it

Vocations and learning

        Studies in Vocational and Professional Education

  School of Education and Professional Studies (Brisbane-Logan), Griffith University, Nathan, 4111, Australia. Stephen Billett





Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia

Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies

    Gregory Martin

        Critical Pedagogy as Community Praxis , by Gregory Martin

    Dave Hill
        Global Neo-Liberalism, the Deformation of Education and Resistance

    Jane Mulderrig
        Consuming education: a critical discourse analysis of social actors in New Labour’s education policy

    Tristan McCowan
        Participation and Education in the Landless People’s Movement of Brazil

    Georgios Grollios
    Ioannis Kaskaris
        From socialist - democratic to “Third Way” politics and rhetoric in Greek education (1997 - 2002)

    Joel Kivirauma
    Risto Rinne
    Piia Seppänen
        Neo-liberal education policy approaching the Finnish shoreline?


    H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo
        Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences
        Casina Pio IV
        V-00120 Vatican City

Shaking up education

    No place for a child 

        Doing less for Britain's allegedly unhappy children might be the best policy, The Economist, Dec 13th 2007


Planetary clock

    Earth Clock

    What you have to know about world population, population growth, incidence of malnutrition, forest lost and what not.


Pisa 2006. Results

        Science Learning, Canada


China Institute

        Confucius Institute at China Institute
Mandarin for Future Mandarin Teachers

                High School Chinese Camp

          The Confucius Institute at China Institute is one of the first Confucius Institutes to be established in the United States, with the mission of promoting Chinese language and culture, and an initial     focus on training New York area teachers to meet the growing demand for Chinese language instruction.




    A peer Reviewed Journal

    Mary Lou Fulton College of Education Arizona State University and the College of Education University of South Florida.


Learning and Evaluation

    Learning and development evaluation guide

        The purpose of this guide is to provide practical support and guidance for human resource and learning and development practitioners to effectively evaluate their agency's learning and development.


Primary Education

            NASA Kid´s Club

            Sounds : animals, buttons and many others.


Secondary Education

Tertiary Education
            The Chronicle of Higher Education




University Campus


Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division

        Periodic Table of the Elements

                A Resource for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students

International Geographical Union

            The Website in geography


A Parents' Guide
               Special Education Needs (2006-2007)

                The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames believes that all residents of this borough, along with other users of its services,

                are entitled to fair and equal access to the full range of its services. It does not tolerate discrimination in any form and actively looks

                to identify where there is discrimination and to make the necessary changes to stop it.



    Mothers Against Drunk Drivers


Bedforshire County

        Education and learning

               Environment and Planning


Brain Waste? Educated Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market
        Aaditya Mattoo, Ileana Cristina Neagu, and Çaglar Özden


Getting Girls into School: Evidence from Cambodia
 Deon Filmer and Norbert Schady


Fairytale Generator

    How to generate a fairy tale on your own


Science for a Changing World

 USG Education

The U.S. Geological Survey provides scientific information intended to help educate the public about natural resources, natural hazards, geospatial data, and issues that affect our quality of life. Discover selected online resources, including lessons, data, maps, and more, to support teaching, learning, education (K-12), and university-level inquiry and research

Education Math

    Science & Technology sites, last updated on 2 January 2008

British Curriculum: Year 5


Science Pictures and Photos

    For resources and information on Science pictures and Science photos


Art for the Sky

Art For the Sky is a unique, large group, team building activity for schools, special events, festivals and corporations that awakens our ability to see that elusive Big Picture. These magnificent group creations, which only make sense when viewed from high above, are a whole-body way of stimulating our imagination and helping us understand our interconnection with one another and all life. With our "skysight" turned on, we can access our highest creative potential and better solve the problems we face as individuals and as a society.
To learn about the latest events, happenings, images and theories regarding Art For the Sky please tune into our blog, Sky View.





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