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This introduction is intentionally presented from an Evangelical perspective. Although we realize that this perspective may not represent the convictions of some of our visitors, we strongly believe that this introduction provides a very accurate insight into the types, scope and general characteristics of systematic theology.
1. The Nature of Theology
2. Areas of Systematic Theology
3. The Necessity of Systematic Theology


1. Introduction
2. The Bible as Revelation
      Types of Revelation
            General Revelation
            Special Revelation
3. The Inspiration of the Bible

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Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence



Justice is generally understood to mean what is right, fair, appropriate, deserved.  Justice is achieved when an unjust act is redressed and the victim feels whole again.  Justice also means the offender is held accountable for his behavior.  We make justice possible when we provide opportunities for women to safely tell the truth about their experiences of violence and abuse and when we hear and acknowledge that truth.  When we stand with her, require the system to respond to her needs, and seek the restitution to which she is entitled, we are working toward justice. 





            The definition of Morality





   Science and the Church
    St. Thomas Aquinas.


    Catholic Church

      Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

         Comment on questions concerning views expressed by Bishop Richard Williamson    
         29 January 2009

          In response to questions that have been received regarding statements concerning the Holocaust (Shoah) by Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of the Society of Saint Pius X. (Same article in French)


Umar F. Abd-Allah

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Jose Abraham

An Ecological Reading of the Qur’anic Understanding of Creation(25552)

Elizabeth Achtemeier

Debating Evolution: The God Who Would Intervene(9233)

Arvid Adell

Process Thought and the Liberation of Homosexuals(6796)


Theology: What Is It? Who Does It? How Is It Done? by Harvey Cox

How can theologians -- members of a privileged elite -- be the interpreters of a Message which so ringingly challenges all established power and all elites? The answer lies in their recognizing for whom they are doing their theology. The coming of the Kingdom of God through the poor and the disinherited, both inside and outside the church, must provide the theologian's frame of reference. This means that human life in society constitutes the absolute value, and that all religious institutions, all dogmas, all the sacraments and all ecclesiastical authorities have only a relative, that is, a functional value.




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