Protected  Area (1)

An area is a particular part of the world having a characteristic appearance or look that depends on [non] human actions (18). There are in the world [un] [mere] protected areas, almost [scarcely] protected areas,more [less] protected areas, better [worse] protected areas with different possible states of [mis][under][top] management. [Un] Protecting is related to keeping [un] safe against injure, damage, loss or other unpleasant effects and/or events. [Un] protected areas arise in order to reduce [increase] uncertainty (35). In [un] protected areas human action consists in seeing, thinking and acting with [in] competence and [un] accountability (36).
Sometimes uncertainty originates in information deficiency that is characterized by incompleteness, imprecision, fragmentariness, partial unreliability, vagueness and contradiction, and it is called uncertainty-based information (24).



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