Protected Areas

An area is a particular part of the world having a characteristic appearance or look that depends on [non] human actions (18). There are in the world [un] [mere] protected areas, almost [scarcely] protected areas,more [less] protected areas, better [worse] protected areas with different possible states of [mis][under][top] management.[...]

University of Calgary


    Parks for Tomorrow 2008 - Conference on Parks and Protected Areas
    May 8-13 2008 in Calgary, Alberta Canada

    Call for papers

    The Departments for Geography, History, and the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary are pleased to invite paper proposals for "Canadian Parks for Tomorrow 2008".Submissions are strongly encouraged from interdisciplinary backgrounds that address conservation and management issues from different angles, including - but not limited to - geography, environmental sciences, political science, biology, sociology, history, economics and law.

Protected Areas as Constructed Organizations


    H J E Penna

Faculty of Economic Sciences/Universidad de Buenos Aires, Cordoba 2122/C1120 BUENOS AIRES AAQ/ARGENTINA
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     "No political organization effectively exists to give the whole globe visibility, for unlike nation-states the earth has no external enemy. (164)". "The region, [...] is far too large to be known directly […] (159) […] "Regions, to the extent that they lack a solid political base, lack visibility" (163) (Tuan 1975)


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Brief description: The Uvs Nuur Basin is an ancient lake bed in the centre of Asia, remote, enclosed and almost pristine. Its twelve protected areas have all of east central Asias’s major biomes relatively close together: cold desert, desert-steppe, steppe, taiga, alpine tundra, boreal, deciduous and floodplain forests, saltmarshes and snow fields. It centres round the salt lake of Uvs Nuur, attracts a great range of birds, and harbors rare animal species such as snow leopard and argali sheep.



Organizational and Managerial Issues


Science and Management of Protected Areas Association
    Objective: Promote the effective use of science and technology in protected areas; research and management; support research activities and scientific scholarship;  provide a forum for consultation and education on contemporary protected areas; science and management issues; promote cooperation and information exchange among land-use; managers and specialists in the academic, public and private
 sectors relating to the management of protected areas...


    Assessment and Practice of research...

Environmentally sensitive and protected areas provide benchmarks for research. Research in turn provides information for the conservation, management and understanding of these areas. It is important to sustain this interdependent relationship between protected areas and science. At the same time, we must acknowledge community values and the need for the research approval process to be efficient and transparent.