How to Eradicate Illiteracy without Eradicating IllIterates? by Munir Fasheh

    "I can say that I have been lucky with three things in my life: I lived a good part of my life in the pre-development age; a main teacher in my life was an illiterate person; and I lived most of my life without a "national" government. The three provided me with a "worldview" that is not attainable through institutions and professionals. I feel lucky because I had to rethink constantly of the meanings of words, because I had to be responsible for most of what we needed in my community, and because often we had to live with what is available to all people: each other, nature, what the land produces, and the ability to feel, reflect, learn, and express. I feel lucky because I had living examples of people who embodied a different way of living, according to a different logic (different values and different assumptions and different convictions)".

The Journal for critical  Education Policy Studies 

    Crítical Pedagogy by Gregory Martin


Taking Stock of our Future

    New Horizons

        Program Evaluation and Assessment of Global Issues Education, by Kim Rakow Bernier and Gilda Wheeler

        Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. - Albert Einstein


Access to Learning for Development

    Organized by the Commonwelth of Learning and the University of London


        International Development Goals

        Education for all.

        Children and young people, health, livelihoods, social justice and governance.


Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard:Pedagogy in the consumer society

    Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) es considerada una de los más originales  y provocativos filósofos de posguerra

    We are, as it seems, considering not only how a city, but also a luxurious city, comes into being... Let’s look at a feverish city…This healthy one isn’t adequate any more, but must already be gorged with a bulky mass of things. Republic Book II, 372e-373b

   We can’t let the terrorists stop us from shopping. George Bush, September 2001. (Oh God!)

The Lost Tools of Learning

    Symposium On Education  By Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1967)


Gender, Learning and Social Practice
Gendered Discourses in the Bakery
Klaus Nielsen

Policy as Boundary Object: A New Way to Look at Educational Policy Design and Implementation
Gholamreza Emad & Wolff-Michael Roth