Institutional Issues

Environmental Scanning

    Chun Wei Choo, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

        Information Seeking and Organizational Learning


Evaluating the National Outcomes

    Community-Policy Development
        Program Outcomes for Communities

            Citizen Development 


           Citizen development involves programming efforts to build individuals' capacity to impact their community and to mobilize individual citizens to participate in community building and development. There are four main factors that are key to citizens becoming mobilized and able to take an active role in their community: citizen capacity building, human capital, community assets, empowerment, and citizen participation.


European Institutions


USA Institutions




Institutions  (in Spanish), by Héctor Penna


Educational Gazette


The Educational Gazette(EG) is a collaborative, computer-supported House Organ journal published by EMTF. In order to support the process of collaborative work, contributors  with different backgrounds and living in different regions of the world are welcome.

Contributions to EG focus on essays, reviews, debates and interviews about educational issues and their related subjects. It is aimed at keen or studious readers all over the world. Contributions made by representatives of the various fields of knowledge are welcome.

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