First Nations Issues

Family Constellations Africa

    Family Constellations Africa (FCA) was founded in 2004 by Dr Ursula Franke, Tanja Meyburgh and Svenja Wachter. The founding vision was to bring family constellations training into South Africa in the service of healing, reconciliation and development.

Basque Country

     Meet the Basques.          Euskaldunak, the Basque people.
     The Basque Language.    Euskara, an isolate language.
     Language Status.           How many people speak basque.
   Basque Links.
     Political Situation

Yaqui Myths and Legends: References
    Yaqui Myths and Leyends

The Yaqui Homeland Journal of the Southwest v34n1
    The Yaqui Homeland

A Tribal Approach to Language and Literacy Development
    The Yaqui Pascua Tribes
    Ten Articles about the Yaquis

A Critical Bibliography of Carlos Castaneda
    Critical Bibliography

First Nations and Education by  Internet

    The Path Forward, Or Back?

        Journal of Distance Education/Revue de l'enseignement ŕ distance (2001), ISSN: 0830-0445

This article examines the potential value of the Internet in serving disadvantaged groups, specifically First Nations living in rural and remote locations in Canada. It reviews the current scholarship on technology-based distributed learning and identifies some of the questions that remain unanswered. The conclusion outlines a framework for developing successful Internet-based distributed learning opportunities for First Nations populations.

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     First Nations House of Learning
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