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Education, Youth and Culture

    - Education

One of the EYC Council’s most important tasks is to promote the European dimension in education. Since education in Europe remains above all a national competence, the council is principally concerned with areas where a European approach can be of added value.

    - Youth

In 1988, the European Union launched the Youth for Europe programme to support exchanges among young people. Several years later in 1996, the Commission unveiled the European Voluntary Service (EVS) Community action programme. These two initiatives have been included in the youth programme covering the period 2000-2006, which also seeks to establish a dialogue among Member States leading to the development of a genuine policy for young people.

    - Audiovisual culture and policy

In 1992, the Maastricht Treaty called for the Union to contribute towards culture development in the Member States while respecting their national and regional diversity and, at the same time, bringing the common cultural heritage to the fore.

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